WSB2 + SC2-Freon (R32)

Supplied assembled and pre-configured.

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PolyGard®2 Warning & Sensor-Board WSB2
Housing type A, 90 x 130 x 57 mm
24 V DC/AC
1x Alarm relay & 1x fault relay (configurable as alarm relay in addition)
1x Visual/acoustic indicator (WAO)
1x Analog output & RS-485 with DGC-06 protocol (baudrate adjustable)
1x Digital input
1x Analog input 4-20 mA
Without display
2x SC2 mounting slot
No further options


PolyGard®2 Sensor SC2
Freone R32

​​​​​​​Measuring range: 0-50 % LEL (Semiconductor sensor)
Sensor housing plastic
Without cable extension (standard)
For connection on SB2/MSB2/MSC2, digital calibration, Protection: IP65

Item number
WSB2 + SC2-Freon (R32)

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