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Gasset for PolyXeta2 sensor - head series SX1, SSAX1


PolyGard®2 / PolyXeta®2, PCE-06 


PolyGard®2 / PolyXeta®2, PCE-06 EasyConfig, bound to plant


PolyGard®2, PolyXeta®2 Plant Service Tool


PolyGard®2, PolyXeta®2 Service Tool


ATEX-Cable gland for zone 1/2
Metal including neopren seal


ATEX-Cable gland for zone 2


Adapter aus Edelstahl zum Anschluss an SX1 und SSAX1 Sensorköpfe, nicht ATEX-konform

PolyXeta®2 SplashGuard


Sensor Protection Cap




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